Welcome to my motherhood blog all you fellow moms, parents, bloggers, readers and world wide web viewers!

As a short introduction, my name is Elaine and the content of this blog is all about motherhood.  I’m happily married to my husband of 4 years and we have a beautiful daughter who is 7 years old.  My husband and I have such a whirlwind story of our daughter’s life from the day she was born.  Parenthood wasn’t easy for us, but we’re grateful to have such a healthy growing girl.  Now we’re adding another addition to our family due in May 2016.

My intentions for this blog is to share my motherhood experience with fellow moms and/or first time moms who may or may not have gone through the “ideal” pregnancy.  I’m considered a high-risk patient because of having a preterm delivery with my daughter at 28 weeks old.  You read blogs online about women who fly through their pregnancies or have traditional symptoms, but you don’t hear about those who struggle outside of the “normal” pregnancy cycle.  I plan on sharing personal “TMI” details because pregnancy isn’t pretty and honestly, it’s not meant to be.  Don’t think my blog will stop once baby #2 arrives because parenthood never stops.  Being a parent means you’re constantly learning something new about yourself, your partner and your child.

So sit back, enjoy and keep posted on my weekly updates ranging from doctor visits, pregnancy symptoms and cravings, clothing and personal care purchases and everything under the umbrella.


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