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It seems nowadays that revealing your pregnancy is equally as exciting news as to when you become engaged, married or even first time homeowners.  But is it really exciting news for someone who can’t relate with the cycle of parenthood?  Do friends who live an independent life really care for your next step in adulthood?

Photo credit: Nicole Hunter Photography

Last week, my husband and I shared our exciting news with our entire social media “family” via Facebook.  Nothing is ever official unless it’s posted on Facebook- that’s my motto.  Of course, we told our parents and immediate family members first (we’re not that insensitive).  I spent all night trying to figure out what photo to post and if I wanted to put a clever caption.  Since the end of the summer, I know of 5 couples who have shared their growing family news.  Some have used clever announcement phrases like for those who are pet owners, they used the phrase “my owners are getting me a human”; or for those who are expecting child #2, they used the status phrase “promoted to big sister/brother”.

Photo credit: Nicole Hunter Photography

I knew I wanted to share our pregnancy excitement via an updated family photo.  After an outdoor photo session with our photographer, Nicole, I had a natural feeling that everything went well and it was a successful afternoon.  A few weeks flew by and once Nicole sent me the link to view our photos, I was crying like a baby.  She captured everything I visioned and wanted.  These photos reminded me that my family has come a long way since my daughter was born.  Her premature birth was mind blowing and life changing as my husband and I were very young parents and freshly new into our relationship.  We didn’t know what we were doing besides following direct orders from the doctors, nurses and specialists.  But we had a great support system between our parents, family members and friends.  Everybody wanted (and still wants) the best for our little girl who has gone through obstacles to be where she is now.

Photo credit: Nicole Hunter Photography

I’m grateful for the love, energy and support from my family and friends during my first round of parenthood.  And I know those same people will have the same willingness of love, energy and support for when baby #2 arrives.  This support was quite obvious to me after I clicked the “Post” button on Facebook and everyone in my social media universe “liked” and/or commented their best wishes.  At the end of the day, your family and friends want the best for you.  You may or may not be going through life experiences at the same time.  But that’s why it’s called life- you live it the way you want it to be.  For those who have been with my family of 3 since day 1, they’ve seen it all- the good, bad and ugly.  They may not have had to change diapers at 3 AM or make sure lunch is made for school, but they’ve seen my husband and I tackle parenthood like we own it.  I think it’s safe to say we’re ready for baby #2 thanks to our support system between ourselves and everyone outside of our family of 3.


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