Senses Kicked Into High Gear

I’m hitting the half way mark of my pregnancy this week and I feel like I’ve developed cat-like senses where I’m sensitive to all of my surroundings.  From waking up to water running through pipes to losing taste (and appetite) to my favorite dishes, my senses are all whacked out that I feel like an entirely different person.

sleepless nights

A growing belly can make sleeping straight through the night a tough battle.  Top that with a sick husband battling a massive headache and sore throat which causes him to make weird snoring noises.  Right after Christmas, I was having sleepless nights racking up 4-5 hours of Z’s before staying up til the sun would peak through my window.  I ended up sleeping in my daughter’s room for a couple of nights which she thought of as “sleepovers with mommy”.  I had my husband sleep on the couch one night before returning to work from holiday.  But alas, I could hear his terrible snoring noises 10 feet below me.  My husband is a night owl and likes to play his computer video games past midnight.  When he would come to bed, he would attempt to quietly get under the covers without waking me up.  But once he hit the pillow, my body would immediately wake up.  The comfort of having my sleeping buddy next to me was nice, but he would jump into dreamland within seconds.  His snores would be so loud that I would sometimes push him so he would wake up.  I’m surprised that I’m more sensitive to nighttime noises and movement over discomfort and constant tossing around to find a comfortable sleeping position.

eating for two_2

Oh man, my appetite has taken a toll since finding out I was pregnant.  I couldn’t keep down my favorite dishes (especially grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup on rainy days) without having to barf it up less than an hour later.  I would crave certain foods that I (luckily) had access to, but my urges would immediately disappear once that particular dish is purchased.  Whenever I was behind the stove cooking an amazing dish, the gratification and “fullness” feeling afterwards wouldn’t be fulfilling.  Surprisingly after all of this change in appetite, I was having terrible heartburn.  This was something SO unbearable that I thought my chest was going to pop out of me.  I would rub my breast bone in a downwards motion in hopes that my food would eventually reach my stomach.

That’s the beauty of pregnancy.  Take the “bad” (really, body changing symptoms due to pregnancy) with the “good” (results of a newborn child at the end of the road).


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