Comfortably Pregnant

At 5 months pregnant and having gained a whopping 20 pounds so far, I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin but not in my clothes.  When I entered my second trimester, the thought of having to adjust my wardrobe to make space for my growing belly was daunting especially having done this 7 years ago.  Don’t get me wrong- maternity fashion is chic and adorable, but why does it have to be expensive?

PREGNANCY-STYLEDuring both pregnancies, one of my first purchases were maternity pants and bras (thanks for the advice Mom).  Since these clothing items are adjustable for the 2 areas of the body that show significant change throughout pregnancy, they are also the most expensive maternity items on the market (in my opinion).  Of course, your body changes throughout pregnancy and even post pregnancy.  But you can’t really walk out of the house without pants and a bra unless you live by different standards.  My jeans wouldn’t zip up all the way or button even while using a rubber band to attempt to close the top together.  And my bras- forget about it!  I switched to sports bras once my regular bras were becoming uncomfortable especially around my tender breasts.  Maternity pants are pretty simple to purchase since most run on a “small, medium, large” range.  But bras are a whole different ball game since most maternity bras are categorized as “nursing bras”.  Wait- I’m not nursing for another 4 months so what bra should I buy?  Luckily I did find solutions to my growing body concerns.

cake bra
Cake ‘Rock Candy’ Seamless Nursing Bra (from Nordstrom website)

A trip to my local Nordstrom had a very small selection of maternity bras (I mean, a disheveled end rack displaying 3 maternity brands) which made me feel doubtful, but hopeful to at least try one.  Luckily the only maternity bra I tried on in the store was the one I ended up purchasing on Amazon (horray for Prime delivery!).  Cake ‘Rock Candy’ Seamless Nursing Bra is a soft high-count lingerie that is wire free, adjustable with 6 hook and eye latches in the back, convertible straps, and comfortably supportive for nursing, day wear and sleeping.  It has removable foam cups and a double layer side sling for nursing purposes.  These bras come in multiple colors and styles where one style looks like a sports bra.  I can breathe in these bras and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I can grow with these bras surpassing the birth of baby #2.

liz lange jeans
Liz Lange for Target Maternity Under the Belly Jeggings  (from Target website)

Maternity jeans come in different pant styles (just traditional styles prior to pregnancy), but the most important detail in choosing which jeans to buy is “under the belly” or “over the belly”.  During my first pregnancy, all of my jeans were over my belly, meaning there is a stretch fabric along the waist line that goes over the belly for support.  They were comfortable to wear, but the stretch material would leave me scratching my belly for hours nonstop.  For this pregnancy, I knew I didn’t want to buy this particular style again.  Lucky for me, my local Target was having a sale on Liz Lange for Target maternity jeans.  I tried the ones that were under the belly and were a perfect fit.  Whether jeggings, skinny jeans or bootcut, all I wanted to wear were jeans under the belly.  They stretched horizontally across the waist line rather than vertical over the belly.  The ONLY downside (in my experience so far) is that there’s no belt loops to keep your pants up.  For me, my growing belly means my waist naturally starts to shrink.  And that means I have a “crack kills” issue whenever bending over or squatting.

Overall, these are my favorite maternity wardrobe additions that I constantly circulate through the wash on a weekly basis.  I tend to not splurge on other items such as t-shirts or sweaters because I can always go a size up pre-pregnancy size.  For now, these have been making me feel like a happy camper being comfortable in both my skin and clothes.


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