Mother Tested, Mother Approved: Human + Kind

Winter brings the harshest weather conditions when you live along the Northern East coast. Cycling through 4 seasons all year round really takes a toll on your skin if you don’t prep ahead.  I love testing different skincare and hair care products throughout the winter to maintain healthy looking skin.  Around the holiday season, Sephora has their Employee Appreciation and VIB (Rouge) sale where loyal consumers receive 10-20% discount on their purchases.  I went crazy in purchasing new skincare and hair care products to test against the cold weather and my pregnant changing body.

Introducing Human + Kind Body Butter & Body Oil

Human + Kind Body Oil & Body Butter (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

I purchased these items from Sephora right before Christmas.  I was running out of my scented body moisturizer and needed an unscented body moisturizer that would relieve dry skin and reduce signs of stretch marks.  Both of these products work perfectly in conjunction with each other.  These 2 items from Human + Kind were featured on Sephora’s “Just Arrived” section and I couldn’t resist after reading the ingredients and price point.  Human + Kind is an all natural beauty product line that introduces effective, multi-tasking skin products without the use of harmful petrochemicals.

Human + Kind Body Oil (iPhone 6+ phone quality)

The Body Oil is a 3-in-1 body oil that can be used on your face, body and hair.  After a steamy shower, I like to rub this all over my body specifically on my knees, elbows, inner thighs and developing stretch mark.  Side note: This item is comparable to Bio-Oil (in my opinion) which is a highly praised multi-purpose oil that reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scars and discoloration of the skin.  The oil isn’t thick, has a very subtle scent and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.  Once applied, my skin looks like I’ve been basking underneath the sun and my skin feels extra smooth for the next few days.

Human + Kind Body Butter (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

The Body Oil works great on its own or with a moisturizer on top, but the accompanying Body Butter tops it all.  This body butter is a rich, whipped lotion that has aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa seed butter all in one tub.  Aloe vera is great during tanning season after toasting underneath the sun, shea butter helps soothe dry skin and cocoa butter reduces the appearance of stretch marks.  I used to purchase lotions with these ingredients individually when the weather would change.  Now, I can use this all year round.  It’s a thin whipped lotion that feels thick when applied, but thins out once you rub it into your skin whether dry or on top of the body oil.  There’s a slight scent coming from the 3 natural ingredients and my skin feels hydrated, moisturized and extra soft just like a baby’s bottom.

Overall, I’m really happy with these body care items.  I plan on trying out more of Human + Kind beauty products especially more skin and hair care.  You can find more items from this line by visiting their website,


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