A Mother’s Job is Never Done

The East coast was impacted by a very aggressive winter blizzard that kept almost everyone indoors this past weekend.  Blizzard Jonas didn’t leave any trace of sympathy as as an average of 2 feet of snow was dumped throughout New Jersey where flooding was a big issue along the shore.  But this doesn’t stop a mom to doing her “motherly duties” while everyone is cooped indoors.

Mid day play time during Blizzard Jonas (01/23) (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

Since Friday night, I’ve been cooking up a ton of meals to feed 3.5 mouths (eating for 2 here).  Now this may or may not seem like a lot, but this is definitely the most cooking I’ve done since first being unemployed back in 2011 where all I did was cook.  During the blizzard, I entertained my daughter with various indoor activities just to prevent a marathon of TV watching.  My husband occupied himself with non-stop computer games which sometimes didn’t end till 2 AM.  Meanwhile, I was cleaning and creating different dishes to cook using whatever I bought at my local supermarket and Costco.  I was non-stop in the kitchen working hard behind the stove satisfying everyone’s taste buds over the weekend.

Standing on top of Mount Angelina (01/24) (husband’s LG G4 photo quality)

As I sat down at the table last night completely exhausted from cooking, cleaning and entertaining, I thought to myself, “Dang, is this what it’s like to be a stay at home mom full time?”  I’ve been a stay at home mom a couple of times (thanks unemployment), but those were periods of my daughter’s life where we just started pre-school and a half-day school routine.  It wasn’t as strenuous to take care of a 3 year olds needs back then compared to a 7 year olds needs currently.  Now there are mothers out there who’ve been stay at home moms since day 1.  My husband is a stay at home working dad who works for his family business in the comfort of his gym shorts.  His daily routine revolves around school (pick up/drop offs, activities, etc.), unexpected bumps and boo boos, and things along the nature of taking care of a 7 year old girl.  But I think I still fulfill the traditional role of “mom” with the cooking, cleaning and other “motherly duties”.  I don’t mind the cooking because that’s my passion, but my husband and I don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to cleaning.  And, with a girl at home, I’ll definitely be dealing with more female issues/questions when my daughter hits puberty (ugh, already not looking forward to that conversation).

Hiked through 2 feet of snow to take a picture of the backyard post Blizzard Jonas (01/25) (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

Other words, this blizzard took a toll on my “motherly duties” while carrying baby #2 in my belly.  I did a lot more activity than normal and felt the repercussions once settling into bed.  It was satisfying to see my family be stuffed with all my dishes and the house looking better kempt since the holidays.  But man I was tired (!) after what my family did indoors and outdoors.  My back was aching, feet were swollen and arms were sore from helping to shovel, climbing up icy piles of snow to have my daughter sled, and slaying behind the stove.  That was just 3 days of being at home- imagine doing that every single day!  Yeah, I’ll wait for my time to hang up my “work in an office” pants before wearing my “stay at home mom” pants.


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