Mother Tested, Mother Approved: VERB

The maintenance of a young girl is never ending and the only reason why you know this is because you went through the same ordeal.  I remember having thick black hair with unmanageable thick ends when I was a kid.  My mom would sit me on a stool once a month and give me a bowl cut with uneven bangs.  It was her way of saving money because there were 2 girls at home whom she had to maintain appearance and cleanliness.  When I became a mother to my little daughter, I didn’t think my past traumatic experiences would come back to haunt me.  Luckily, it’s only hair that I need to tame.  And my daughter has A LOT of hair to tame with a European-mixed dad and Asian mom; her hair is everywhere!

Introducing VERB Leave-In Mist

VERB Leave-In Mist (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

My daughter has had a few haircuts throughout her life where only a couple have been done by a professional (yes, her volition to cut her own hair is admirable yet terrifying).  A maintenance issue I would run into after her haircuts would be breaking through the tangles and knots.  I’ve tried every detangle spray, pomade, gel, shampoo, whatever (!) to help release the knots so I wouldn’t be dragging my daughter through hell once I started brushing.  Keep in mind- I would only use “baby approved” brands on her head because she’s a growing child.  I couldn’t justify buying expensive hair care products for her little head.  So, I found this little beauty on the Sephora website during my holiday online shopping spree.  This detangle spray came in a Verb style kit which included a travel size shampoo and conditioner and a full size dry shampoo and sea spray.  Verb is a professionally salon-raised, cruelty-free hair care brand based in Austin.  Most of the ingredients are all natural and don’t include parabens, phthalates and gluten.

VERB Leave-In Mist (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

The Leave-In Mist is very lightweight and can be used to detangle, defrizz and condition unruly hair.  The product in this 8 fl oz bottle looks thick, but sprays into a fine mist through the nozzle.  There is a refreshing scent to the product and it doesn’t feel greasy on wet or damp hair.  I squirt this onto the ends of my daughter’s hair after a shower and leave it in for 5-10 minutes before I start brushing.  By the time her hair air dries, her locks look healthy and smooth for a couple of days.

The winning point for this detangle product is spraying it onto my daughter’s hair after her swimming lessons.  I give my daughter a quick shower after her lessons at the pool’s locker room.  Once I rinse out the chlorine, I use the travel size shampoo and Leave-In Mist to lather and condition her hair.  Sad to admit this, but this is the one thing I look forward to at her swim lessons.  My mom did the same thing with me and my sister when we were taking swimming lessons at our local YMCA.  We did a full shower and she would bring a detangle spray to rid out the knots and chlorine out of our hair.  It worked then and it works now.

Her first at-home haircut with very uneven bangs and a mullet (2014 Instagram photo @elainedoesmakeup)

Overall, this is a mommy AND daughter approved product.  I don’t brush my hair and if I do, I just run my fingers through my ends.  After I shower, I spray this onto my ends and by morning, my hair looks and feels soft for the day.  I do have other products that are from the VERB brand, but this one is my favorite so far.


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