Being Sexy for Valentine’s Day

I was never a big fan of Valentine’s Day until I met my husband.  The only time I ever went on a Valentine’s Day date was with my best friend from college.  He casually asked me if I had plans that evening in which I didn’t and he suggested we go out to dinner “as friends”.  It was a harmless date which turned out being great because we talked endlessly about everything besides school.  Until I met my husband, Valentine’s Day was just another excuse to profess your undying love to your significant other by showering them with materialistic things.  Now, Valentine’s Day is just another day to be grateful to be in love with the one you love.


I’ve been hunting the web for the perfect “gift” that I could give my husband that was more than just a physical item for Valentine’s Day.  I wanted to give him all of me at my sexiest moment.  But how can you be sexy when you’re 6 months pregnant?  Apparel stores that have special deals on lingerie for Valentine’s Day showcase their outfits on stick-figure models.  Let’s be realistic here- not everyone has an “ideal” body shape that includes a nice firm butt and an ample bosom.  Everybody feels sexy when they’re small, but is that the true you?  Didn’t your significant other fall in love with who you are over what you look like?  I’ve been embracing my body more and more these past few weeks especially being 6 months pregnant.  And top that off with my raging hormones where all my desires and needs lately are to be intimate with my husband.  Maybe it’s my weekly hydroxyprogestone shots that make me this way (post about this is coming up next week).  No way in hell could I fit into a pre-pregnancy sexy lingerie teddy/chemise/baby doll and seduce my husband into bed.  Luckily I was able to find alternatives in this category (wink).

woman lingerie heart valentines_0

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a one day event.  I like to spread it among the leading days where I send my husband flirty text messages, cook memorable dinners where he’s asking for more, and wear cute nighttime outfits (pre-pregnancy) to spice up the night.  We usually don’t go out on February 14 because it’s one of the busiest days for restaurants to be in business.  Reservations are normally required, waiting time takes forever, and service is kind of on par because of the overwhelming kitchen crowd.  I don’t expect fancy gifts from my husband even though I drop hints about things I like.  He’s a simple man and doesn’t like to spend money unless it’s really worth something.  I think the past 2 Valentine’s Day dinners I planned and made reservations for us- shows you who wears the pants in our marriage.

Lorna Drew S/S 2015: Fashionable Maternity & Nursing Bras from The Lingerie Addict

This year I just want to have “mommy and daddy” time because once the little one comes, those moments will be less than frequent to come by.  This weekend my little family and I are heading down to Maryland to visit my father-in-law and his family.  They live 20 minutes outside of Annapolis and I know my husband will not even think about bringing me there for Valentine’s Day.  Think of it this way- this small nautical, historical town is very similar to Manhattan in terms of high prices at every place you walk into.  So lets see what my husband has in mind for the weekend, or at least a make up to what could have been our plans for Valentine’s Day (if any).  We’re lucky to bring another child into our family of 3.  We love that he/she is moving around, but is definitely shy whenever my husband or daughter wants to feel him/her kick in my belly.  I’m falling more in love with my growing child knowing that I will have 2 kids to spoil.  My husband and I usually end our nights just talking about how our future is going to change in the upcoming weeks.  We’re grateful for what we’ve accomplished over the past 7 years and our love for each other has grown so much especially with baby #2.

Photo credit: Nicole Hunter Photography

If my husband is reading this, I just want to say I love you so much.  You are the foundation to our growing family, keeping us balanced and protected through the good times and bad.  I’m so happy lucky to be your wife.  You make me laugh, you know what makes me happy, you know my fears, insecurities and what brings me to tears.  You love seeing me at my rawest moments where all my inhibitions are thrown out the door.  My evolving body is proof to the amount of love I have for you.  You embrace me as who I am and love that you have no reservations.  Valentine’s Day is not just on February 14- it’s everyday at our house.  Whether or not our romantic day is spent at a restaurant or at home in our PJs, all I want to do is be with you.  I love you!


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