So What’s Cooking: A Boy or Girl?

I’m a planner; I like to be in control of my surroundings.  I like planning surprises and have had a mixed of good and bad surprises thrown my way.  For both pregnancies, I was pretty adamant to find out the gender and so was my husband.  For my firstborn, I was pretty far into my pregnancy to find out the sex pretty quickly.  I was hopeful to have a boy, but turned out my little nugget was a girl.  I thought to myself, “Uh-oh, I don’t know if the world is ready for a mini me.”  Turned out that my daughter is a female mini version of my husband.  So what’s the gender of baby #2?


Finding out the gender of the baby (if you choose to) is best during 16 and 20 weeks of your second trimester.  Some time people opt for a blood test which can detect the sex as early as 8 weeks where the blood test diagnoses any genetic abnormalities and gender.  Others take it upon fate and wait till the delivery date to find out if a boy or girl is popping into the world.  For me, this child will be loved whether it is a boy or girl- duh!  I’ve known of a couple of people who left it to fate and waited to find out the gender up to delivery day.  I think that would put me over the edge not knowing throughout the entire pregnancy.  I’m not a big believer on superstitious, “witch craft” mom omens that can determine how many babies you’re having and the sex of each child.  But I did stumble upon these beliefs which predicted the gender of baby #2 accurately.  If you’re anxious to find out the gender but still waiting for that “big” appointment, check out the charts below:

Source: Truncated from Pinterest pin from “What’s Up Fagans?”

The most “accurate” test has been the Chinese Calendar Gender Chart in my opinion.  Hope this helps with the anticipation of your little boy or girl.  So what am I having?  You’ll find out soon 🙂


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