It’s Time For An Update

Two weeks flies by when you work from home while pregnant.  The morning routine includes waking up in a rush to relieve your full bladder then scuffling around to get your 7 year old ready for school with a packed lunch and completed homework.  Once she’s out of the door, the day becomes a blurr until 4PM when she arrives home from school.  Dinner, homework and bath time ends the night knowing you repeat this process all over again in the morning.  It’s all mundane, but it keeps me off of my feet which is what the doctor intentionally wants for me.  Yeah right- you can’t keep me from doing anything all day!  If you know me well enough, I can’t sit still for more than 30 minutes (unless I’m watching a Food Network/Cooking Channel program).


Since my trip to the hospital 2 weeks ago, I’ve been trying my best to work and live life from my bed or couch while resting (horizontally) as much as possible.  Whenever I’m not resting, the baby will kick in odd places of my belly demanding I lie down for a bit.  Oddly enough, it makes a big difference to rest while baby calms down his/her kicks.  When I prep any meal of the day, I sit on a bar stool while listening to music or watching tv to keep my mind occupied.  My daughter has become my handy little helper as my belly continues to grow.  She helps me with chores around the house when really I’m just directing her to pick things up or get something for me while I’m sitting down.  I say to her, “Mommy can’t do certain things, so I need you to be a great big sister and help me.”  She usually follows my orders knowing she’ll get a nice reward afterwards.

I’ve become more aware of my body and what it’s saying especially when something doesn’t feel right.  If something bothers me or doesn’t feel right, I tell my husband which in turn he tells me to call the doctor if it gets worse.  My doctor has doubled the amount of hydroxyprogesterone that I take: I receive a shot weekly and insert suppositories daily.  During one of my doctor’s visits for my 17p shot, I was experiencing a rather sharp pain protruding out of my belly button.  The skin was very hard and I wasn’t sure if the baby was trying to come out or not.  It felt like inconsistent cramping and was hoping it wasn’t early signs of contractions.  I mentioned this to the nurse who was giving me my shot.  She said, “It’s the baby turning around; maybe it’s his/her head or butt that’s right on your belly button.”  She assured me that it was normal and felt relieved because the pain went away once I got home.  But still, I make sure to listen to baby and my body whenever anything feels wrong.

These third trimester feelings are all new to me since I didn’t go through this final stage with my daughter.  I try to stay in good spirits so that I don’t stress the baby and myself.  I thoroughly enjoy working from home because I get to spend more quality time with my husband.  We talk more about the baby and play around with potential names.  We finally finished our baby registry even though we won’t be having a baby shower.  My husband and I agreed that it’s important that I rest as much as possible.  He wants to make sure the baby makes it to 40 weeks.  He really has stepped up his game and putting me and the baby in front of everything he deals with.  I respect him more whenever we make decisions on any matter regarding me, the baby and our growing family.  He’s a great father to begin with and will become a better one once our little one makes his/her entrance into the world.


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