Feeling Blessed & Fabulous

Since my husband and I moved last summer, it’s been a while since I’ve felt the power of extended family love and support which was showcased towards my growing family over Easter weekend last week.  Not only did we celebrate Easter at my parents’ house (which has been traditional for the past 20+ years), but my parents, sister and husband put together a nice baby shower for me and Baby #2.

Picture taken by my sister (iPhone 6s plus photo quality)

Growing up in north New Jersey as long as I can remember, I’ve always been surrounded by my family members where if ever I needed something, I could ask them for help and vice versa.  Not only do I have my immediate 2 parents and 1 sister, but I also have 8 parents and 11 brothers and sisters (not including my cousin’s significant others).  It was hard to say “goodbye” to what we had when my husband and I decided to move over an hour away from it all.  It’s not like we moved to a different state or across the country, but we’re both used to being around family who were no more than 20 minutes away.  Especially with Baby #2, our immediate and extended family have become so important to us now more than ever.  We’ve shared our hospital “scare” to our family and they’ve been sending us their prayers and support in hopes that Baby #2 continues to grow to full term.  It has been an emotional ride since my hospital “scare” where I’ve been paying more attention to my body and taking it slowly at home and wherever I go.  I love resting during the day, but hate being told to do so.  Yet it’s a great reminder (with good intentions) that I should be taking care of myself and Baby #2.

Photo credit: Jim Sewastynowicz Photography & Design

Baby #2 (which is a BOY by the way) has received amazing gifts from family.  We immediately received our crib, crib sheets and stroller after our hospital “scare” and we’ve been ready for him since then.  This little guy has received a TON of clothes in which I’m still getting used to seeing a plethora of blues and greens.  It’s funny that when my husband and I worked on the registry, I told myself to add the essentials and update the baby items we used during my daughter’s time.  Yet the majority of things we received are new clothes (which we obviously need), but not much essentials like bottles, breastfeeding pieces, pack n’play, etc.  I guess those items will come in due time even though the clock is ticking- I have 8 weeks left till this baby comes out.

Photo credit: Carlos Tanseco

In short, I’m very grateful for my family and all their support thus far.  They may not be 20 minutes away, but their love is definitely felt in our household.  I have 8 weeks left in my pregnancy and my doctor is hoping I can last the next 4 weeks.  Once I turn 36 weeks, I will let the powers of the Universe decide the time of my son’s birth.  My medicine will end by then and I will (probably) be ready to get him out of me.  His non stop kicks, punches and pushes make it harder for me to sit in a chair, walk from room to room and relax in bed.  But he will be all worth it!


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