“Never Have I Ever” Pregnancy Edition

Pregnancy takes a toll on your body where you experience changes that only occur during your 9 month baby cooking period.  Some changes can be mind blowing where you’re unsure whether or not it’s worthy to mention at your gynecologist visits.  Sometimes women worry about these changes that it can be a bit embarrassing to share with anyone.  Your body is reacting to your growing child as organs are being pushed around and your chemical balance is off due to your hormones.  But it’s part of life- there’s nothing wrong with these body changes.  These changes may be things that you never went through in life.  So these are my “never have I ever” experiences as my body has been changing these past few months.  Some are embarrassing, others are just changes I’m experiencing- you decide.


Never have I ever had really bad constipation… When I first found out I was pregnant, I was having bad constipation for almost 5 days.  My husband told me to either take medicine for constipation or take a pregnancy test.  Lo and behold, the white pee stick showed 2 blue lines to confirm I was pregnant.  Throughout these past 8.5 months, I’ve been having periods of having constipation and diarrhea (not at the same time) which made my trips to the bathroom very uncomfortable and long.  My bowl movements are regular now (TMI), but it was a weird phase that I was going through during all trimesters.

Never have I ever been a noisy person while sleeping… Up to now, I hate sleeping next to a person who snores heavily (I can’t speak on behalf of my husband because I’m stuck with him for life).  Obviously, I can’t control people’s sleeping habits but the only reason for this is because my Dad was (and still is) the loudest snorer I know.  People have pet peeves that gets under their skin and mine is loud snorers.  Funny with this is now I’ve become that person!  Though this has become a recent development in the past month, I never thought of myself as a heavy snorer.  Yes I breathe deeply when I sleep, but nothing too annoying that would keep my husband up.  But now the tables have turned where he even wakes up to the strange noises coming out of me.  One time I dozed off on the couch while watching cartoons with my daughter.  I woke up a few minutes later with my daughter gone and the tv a bit louder.  I figured it was my loud snores that drove her away to another room.

Never have I ever enjoyed eating a pickle… I hated pickles growing up- the smell and taste would just gross me out.  Some of my friends were obsessed with pickles to the point that they would drink the pickle juice straight from the jar (gag me).  If my meals came with pickles in it or on the side, I would request not to have it or simply put it on the side for someone else to enjoy.  I don’t know why it’s a stereotypical question people ask when you’re pregnant if you like/dislike pickles.  I’ve had people ask me this question for both pregnancies where I was disgusted by them in the first one and I don’t mind them in this second one.  I had this debate with my husband where he says, “you like pickles” and I rephrase it by saying, “I don’t mind eating pickles”.  It’s pretty much a he said, she said when it comes to pickles but I really don’t mind eating them at all.  We don’t eat pickles at home so it becomes a treat whenever I have it served on a plate.  I’m not going to go out of my way to buy a jar, but it’s a nice addition to my meal whenever I see one.


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