4 Week Countdown Begins!

“It’s Gonna Be May”…”May the 4th/Schwartz Be With You”… Such classic phrases to start the month of May even though it doesn’t feel like it with the cold rainy days we’ve been having.  Among other things, my countdown to baby’s arrival is less than 30 days!  I can’t believe this 9 month journey has led me to this month where yesterday marked 4 weeks till his arrival.  It’s a very nostalgic feeling where I’m not afraid or worried about his health or mine because he’s made it this far.  I’ve followed every doctors’ order since January and have been honest with my feelings and concerns throughout this entire period.  I’ve let go of my worries due to my history of premature delivery and have accepted the fact that everything happens for a reason.  My husband and I have had our relationship tested with our first born and it will be tested again with our second one.  We can’t wait for him to come in 4 weeks… well, we can’t wait for him to come next week!!!


I went to my doctor’s office yesterday for my weekly check up where I had my husband join me.  My pregnancy weight has officially topped off at 212 pounds (I’ve gained a total of 37 pounds) and the baby’s weight is around 6.5 pounds.  Every time I see the ultrasound technician, she has a difficult time seeing the baby’s face.  All of his vitals, organs and limbs are doing well, but she can never get a view of his face and head for measurement purposes.  Yesterday’s visit wasn’t any different, but was a concern (a good concern) because the baby is already head down.  But he’s way down in my uterus to the point of already being in the birth canal.  My doctor did a vaginal routine to make sure I wasn’t dilating in which I wasn’t.  I haven’t been experiencing any contractions, but I’ve been having a hard time sleeping at night with the nonstop movement and spurts of cramping.  Everything seemed fine except for my high blood pressure which has been an issue for me since day one.

The doctor had a game plan that was reassuring to both me and my husband.  He told me to schedule a labor induction for next week where I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant.  He doesn’t see the need for the baby to make it to 40 weeks if he’s already low in my uterus and I’ve been having issues with my blood pressure.  He also wanted me to make a follow up appointment before the weekend.  If I go into labor, I go into labor.  If the baby doesn’t come out after being induced, then he doesn’t come out.  All in all, this baby is ready to make his debut.  My husband and I had the biggest smiles on our faces hearing this news.  We are thrilled to know we don’t have to wait any longer for our little man to arrive.  Though my blood pressure is a continuous issue, the doctor did send me to the hospital for some monitoring.  After 4 hours of bedrest at the hospital, my blood pressure was an average 117/96 for which I was sent home.  Overall, I can’t believe my little man will be here soon.  Of all the waiting periods during this pregnancy, now till next week will be the biggest one to anticipate.  I’m so excited!


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