Sleeping for the Past 4 Weeks

Oh man, I feel so guilty about falling behind on this blog.  For the past month, I’ve had every intention to post updates and pictures about my growing little guy.  But that’s what the “newborn baby” stage is all about.  Everything becomes secondary and gets pushed to the back as baby takes priority and sucks up every minute of your day.  Even though I’m not employed nor on maternity leave, every minute of my day is taken up by either nursing or catching up on sleep.

Brandon Erikson – 1 month old (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

In these past 4 weeks, my body has been (and still is) through a roller coaster ride of needs for my growing baby.  Brandon doesn’t have a sleeping pattern yet, but his feeding schedule is every 2 hours during the day and 3 hours at night.  He has gas issues (typical of newborns) so he’s constantly crying in pain in order to pass gas at either ends of his tiny body.  There was a point after his birth that he was eating every 30 minutes.  We thought he was sick or becoming a colic baby, but it turned out he was going through a growth spurt.  And he definitely did!  At his one month checkup with the pediatrician, he gained 3 pounds since we left the hospital 4 weeks prior.  I think the doctor was impressed with his growth even with his cheeks, thighs and arms showing signs of his chunkiness.  People who meet Brandon can tell he’s a big boy and is definitely eating enough based on his chunkiness.  I can’t get enough of his cheeks, thighs and arms- I nibble on them when he’s awake and I stroke his soft skin when he’s asleep.  Not to sound like a creepy mommy, but I think every parent (and person) can’t get enough of soft baby skin.

Father’s Day 2016 (iPhone 6+ photo quality)
Brandon Erikson – 6 weeks old (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

I’ve become nocturnal since Brandon has been home.  All I do is care for him at every moan and cry he makes.  I don’t think I remember the last time I had a full night of sleep.  I barely eat a solid 3 meals a day; I don’t change my outfits nor do I shower and/or wash my hair every other day.  Since I broke out with cystic acne along my jawline by week 2 postnatal, I haven’t worn a full face of makeup.  I don’t even think I’ve had my eyebrows threaded since the day before he was born.  BUT, I have lost half my pregnancy weight since his birth and am cleared by the doctor to do physical activities.  At my 6 week postnatal checkup with my gynecologist, I weighed in at under 200 pounds now (192 to be exact where I’ve lost 23 pounds so far).  My blood pressure is still high but wasn’t a big concern to the doctor.

Overall, my road to recovery has been pretty smooth where no health issues have come up.  I need to motivate myself to get out the door and soak up the beautiful sun.  Now that school is over and summer is officially here, I can enjoy being outdoors and take Brandon out wherever I have to go.  He’s my newest accessory that I’m ready to show off to the world.