Let’s Look Like a Human

These past 8 months have been solely focused on Brandon’s development which is naturally expected.  With all the weight gain and lost, highs and lows of cystic acne, and unpredictability of when the next shower will be, I have been feeling and looking like a zombie.  I sometimes walk out of the house with no bra on, food spit up on my shirt or in my hair, or without the care of brushing my hair.  Again- zombie status.

When Brandon started getting bigger, I started to make the effort of looking like a decent human being.  I no longer have to be at Brandon’s beck and call.  He shows more interest in his surroundings especially his toys and Sesame Street.  I make sure to distract him whenever I need “me” time.  When Brandon’s not looking or focusing on me, I rush up the stairs into the shower or put on some makeup to feel some type of normalcy.  I recently did a huge purge of my makeup collection.  I found (unused) items that I’ve been holding onto for 3-4 years and others have been long expired.  It took me 2 days to go through these items, prioritize what I need versus what I want, and discard the expired/unused.

Current makeup collection since 2012 (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

After sifting through this enormous pile, I realized there are certain makeup products that are a necessity to making me look like a human.  These items are a mix of drugstore and high end.  It takes me about 20 minutes to do a full beauty look: my complexion is balanced, brows and eyes are defined, cheeks are contoured and colored, and the complete look is topped with a nice lip color.

Products that help me look like me (iPhone 6+ photo quality)

Items in the picture are as follows (from left to right):  Maybelline Dream Cushion foundation (#30), NARS Velvet Lip Glide (Bound), Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, Kevyn Auction Contour Duo On The Go, Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Cream Blush (#215), Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (medium), MUFE Aqua Matic (S-52), Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl (Barbarella Brown), Lash Star Beauty Full Control Mascara, MUFE Brow Seal, MUFE Pro Sculpting Brow (#40), Shiseido eyelash curler, MUFE Skin Equalizers (nourishing & redness correcting primer)

I uploaded a tutorial creating this makeup look on my Youtube channel.  Go ahead and check it out.  My mission for 2017 is to get back on track with creating more content for this blog and my Youtube channel.  Thanks for not abandoning me since the last time I posted here.  If I start to drift away, don’t be afraid to remind me.  A little reminder helps when you’re occupied with 2 kids.



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