Pregnancy Brain is REAL

Pregnancy brain, or momnesia, is not a joke- period!  I don’t recall having “bad” pregnancy brain with my first child.  But baby #2 is juggling my brain to the point of me being forgetful, unable to give direction(s) or remember how to do simple tasks at home.


This post is a prime example of my pregnancy brain as of lately.  I started writing this on Monday and after jotting my intro paragraph, my brain went blank and I couldn’t process my thoughts together.  I got home from work, told my husband about my pregnancy brain post and completely forgot why I even thought of writing one.  Later that day, I redundantly repeated my household chores, misplaced the dry food in the refrigerator and walked into different rooms without knowing why.


This is a common symptom for women during and post pregnancy.  The conditions of pregnancy brain can be moderate to severe especially for women dealing with postpartum depression.  There are no consistent conclusions as to why this happens.  But changes to your body hormone levels and inner being plus the overwhelming feelings of pregnancy are great paths to explaining this.  Don’t fret- your memory will be restored once the baby arrives.  For now, stick to doing one task at a time or jot down your plans for the day so you have something to follow.